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Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift Vs. Traditional Surgery, Which Is Better?

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One of the overt signs that age is catching up with you is when your eyebrows start to sag. This sagging may seem innocuous at the onset, but as it worsens, the sagging begins to cause the skin on your upper eyelid to sag and make your appearance much older. In years past, traditional eye surgery was a standard solution that doctors would use to reposition the eyebrows back in place. More recently, endoscopic eyebrow lifts have become a more attractive option for a variety of reasons. So why is an endoscopic eyebrow lift better than traditional surgery?

Endoscopic eyebrow lift results in less scarring

During traditional eye surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will make a coronal incision, which is a cut located at the top of your head and will extend from one ear to another. The significant length of this incision makes it likely that you will be left with a significant scar once you have healed from your procedure. An endoscopic eyebrow lift, on the other hand, is carried out by making several small incisions behind your hairline. Thus, not only are the incisions camouflaged by your hair, but it also translates into significantly less scarring when compared to an open eyebrow lift procedure.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift provides better views for the doctor

As the name suggests, endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery is carried out using an endoscope. This surgical tool is a specialised instrument that functions to transmit high definition images onto a screen once it has been positioned in the surgical site. Therefore, surgeons are provided with an enhanced view of what they are doing as the images have much more clearer details than what the naked eye can see. The magnified view ensures that the doctor can dissect the corrugator muscles in your face with increased precision, which also greatly reduces the surgical time too!

Endoscopic eyebrow lift provides decreased risk of nerve damage

With the enhanced visual field that the surgeon has during an endoscopic eyebrow lift, it can also be surmised that the surgeon will be able to take increased care during the procedure. One of the risks associated with eyebrow lift surgery is damage to the sensory nerves that are located in the forehead. This damage results in subsequent difficulty in moving the corrugator muscles and this can affect your ability to make micro-expressions with your face. In addition to the increased visual field, the fact that an endoscopic eyebrow lift makes use of small incisions also decreases the risk of tissue damage.