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Fundamental Rules You Shouldn't Ignore When it Comes to Microblading

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Are you considering microblading? As an eyebrow tattooing technique that produces long lasting results, this beauty trend can transform the way you look. However, if you want pristine results, you need to use a reputable technician and ensure you engage in the right aftercare. If you ignore these rules, you might find that your experience doesn't live up to your expectations.

Use a skilled professional who's trained in microblading

This may seem a little obvious, but there are people out there who claim they can provide microblading services, but they don't have the right qualifications. Once you find a technician in your local area, ask them what their qualifications are. Research their claims if you're not sure. 

Let your eyebrows grow before your treatment

When your beautician microblades, they need to follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. As such, you need to avoid plucking and waxing before the big day. The optimal time for full and natural growth is two to three weeks. While ditching your usual eyebrow care routine may seem horrifying, it will lead to the best results.

Don't touch the area while it's healing

Essentially, an eyebrow tattoo is an injury. As such, your body needs time to heal. Following certain post-tattoo rules is essential:

  • If the area starts to itch, don't scratch it. Ask your technician about creams instead.
  • If a scab forms, avoid picking it. Doing this will lead to scarring, which skews the results.
  • Don't apply makeup or attempt to tint for at least 10 days. The same applies to using skincare products. Introducing substances to the area may trigger an inflammatory process that makes it difficult for your eyebrows to heal.

Before you leave the salon, ask your technician about aftercare tips. Take note of them and follow them carefully.

Avoid certain activities for 10 days afterward

The 10-day period following your treatment is the golden time when the pigment settles in and produces gorgeous results. Avoid activities such as swimming, running, and sitting in a sauna, as this results in sweating and exposure to chemicals that damage the pigments. Similarly, don't hit the sunbeds or tan too much. When you risk burning yourself through UV rays, you disrupt the healing process. A good rule of thumb to follow is to treat the eyebrow tattoo as you would any other tattoo.

After investing effort into your microblading experience, you'll enjoy results you'll feel proud to show off to your friends.