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The Factors That Make Tattoo Removal Easier

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There was a time not that long ago when tattoos were relatively uncommon. It seems difficult for some people to believe, as nowadays tattoos are socially acceptable enough to be very popular. Unfortunately, that means there are more people than ever before walking around with ink they regret.

When people get a tattoo, they do so under the true belief that they'll be happy to have it on their body for the rest of their lives. But people change and, particularly when they were tattooed at a relatively young age, there's always a chance they'll come to see that permanent skin decoration in a different light.

Thankfully, as the popularity of tattoos has increased, so has the prevalence and effectiveness of tattoo removal techniques. Although these techniques have come a long way, they don't always mean a tattoo will be completely gone after treatment. However, there are some situations where removal is more effective.

Older tattoos

As tattoos naturally fade slightly over time, the older ones are easier to remove. The body's natural process of growth helps the removal along, so if you've had a tattoo for quite some time, you can typically expect better results from your removal treatment.

Closer to the heart

It might sound strange, but the distance of a tattoo from your heart actually makes a significant difference in the removal process. The nearer the heart, the stronger the circulation, which means faster healing for the skin. People undergoing tattoo removal often notice better, faster results with ink higher up arms and legs compared to those further down.

Pale skin

Melanin in the skin prevents the lasers working as effectively as they should. One thing you can do to minimise the amount present, particularly if your skin is naturally pale, is to keep out of the sunlight as much as possible during your treatment. Apply ample sun cream to the area of the tattoo to make sure the skin stays light.

Amateur tattoos

In some cases, tattoos performed by an amateur using simple or makeshift equipment aren't as deeply set as professional ones. There may also be less ink to remove. As such, these are often easier to remove.

Certain colours

Tattoo removal is quite complex, and different types of lasers are needed for different coloured inks. That's not the whole story, though: some colours are actually easier to remove than others. It might be counter to your expectations, too. For example, black is easier to remove than yellow. It's best to ask a professional for advice on your particular tattoo.